Max the Vax was a campaign run by the University of West Alabama to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates among campus faculty and staff. Every week of the 2021 fall semester a vaccinated faculty/staff member was randomly selected to win $1,000 with a grand finale giving away $2,500. I took control over the campaign after the team decided to promote Max the Vax with UWA themed comic strips.


Max the Vax became a hit within it’s first few weeks as the comic strips became the talk of campus. Over the course of 12 weeks, UWA saw an 80% increase in vaccination rates.


LOGO & branding

The name “Max the Vax” was created by Shelby Gandy as a direct call to action to maximize the vaccination rate of faculty and staff.

The Max the Vax logo was conceptualized by a classmate and refined by myself. The bandage symbolizes the medical aspect of the campaign while the green represented the financial prize contestants could win.

COMIC Strips

Comic strips were chosen as the main media to promote Max the Vax as it allowed me as an artist to personally connect the UWA community to this campaign.

Each week our team would create a joke centered around someone on campus and it would be my duty to bring that joke to life through illustration.