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ZONE 2021

ZONE Magazine is an annual athletics publication created by IMC students at The University of West Alabama. I had the honor of acting as the Editor-in-Chief for the 2021 edition of ZONE. Alongside constructing the overall design theme, I hand-crafted every page in this magazine (excluding some advertisements), designed the cover, and created promotional material in order to perfect the ZONE experience to the fullest extent.


With past editions of ZONE covers being heavily centered around football, my goal when designing the 2021 cover was to equally represent all of the sports here at UWA. 

This project pushed me beyond my comfort zone, having to schedule and shoot each individual athlete before compositing them all into an artificial environment.


Designing and producing posters was not originally part of the marketing plan for ZONE. However during the process of creating the cover, I realized that the photos of the athletes were too strong not to use them all. 


For the first four years of its production, ZONE was released to the public at UWA’s homecoming game, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic canceling oncampus athletics, the 2020 edition of ZONE was forced to resort to other methods of distribution. With sports returing to UWA, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that ZONE 2021 was coming. The video was shown a week before and then again during the 2021 homecoming game, where a total of over 1400 magazines were distributed.